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User-friendly admin interface

The admin panel is the interface that you are going to face daily when you gain a lot of sales from your eCommerce website (I’m sure you will). Hence, it is of great importance that the interface is easy to use, navigate and control.

User experience is one of our top priority when developing our eCommerce system. We make it very easy for you to operate and see your business in a glance.


Shopping cart

The essential component in a eCommerce website. Your website visitors will be able to add your products in their shopping cart, continue browsing and when they are ready to checkout, all the products will be right there waiting in their cart.

Some of our plans even come with Auto Follow-up Abandoned Cart, which can boost your online sales by 90% as we can recapture those who abandoned their cart.


Unlimited products

Upload limited products, the sky is the limit!

Having a lot of product lines? No problem.

No limit on how many pictures or images you can upload, the more the merrier

Selling without restriction is the key to successful eCommerce busines

Payment gateway

Our eCommerce system is compatible with most payment services, such as VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, FPX, iPay88, MOLPay, eGHL, PayPal, Billplz, Alipay and many more.

For a full list of supported payment channels and comparison of payment gateway providers, check out here.

Mobile view ready

Since early 2016, there’s already more than 50% visitors who are browsing websites through mobile devices. Meaning that there’s now more people shop online using their mobile phone instead of a conventional desktop. We made sure you can capture every single one of these visitors by having the following features:

Mobile friendly website
Responsive web design
Website automatically scales to the size of the visitor’s devices
Optimized view in smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops

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